1.       By purchasing event tickets from Experience Vintage Events Ltd [Experience Vintage/us/we/the company/EV] you [the consumer/guests] are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

2.       Experience Vintage reserves the right to reduce or increase ticket prices, and run promotions at any time, without compensation for any tickets already purchased.

3.       Tickets:

a.       No refunds will be accepted for event tickets: Due to the nature of our events, whereby the number of tickets is restricted and the time-frame by which the tickets need to be sold is minimal we cannot accept refunds for any event tickets [Event tickets are exempt from the cancellation within 14 days clause of the consumer rights directive (2014).]

b.      Delivery of tickets: All tickets will be delivered by email, unless otherwise stated and will need to be printed and shown alongside ID to gain entry to the event.

c.       Tickets are non-transferable, and are restricted to the names on the ticket, unless otherwise stated or agreed. Tickets used by a person not named on the ticket will not be accepted. Photo-ID may be requested for this reason. No refunds will be given for persons who are refused entry because they cannot prove to be the person named on the ticket.

d.      The minimum age for admission for all events, unless otherwise stated, is 18 years of age. Photo-ID (passport, driving licence, or a card bearing the PASS logo, no other items of ID accepted) may be requested upon entering. Failure to provide this will result in admission being refused, with no refund/s.

e.      In the event that a person is refused entry or ejected from the premises by the door security team, no refund/s will be offered.

4.       Events:

a.       Unfortunately there may be times when events have to be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, in both cases a full refund will be offered to the customer for the value paid for the ticket/s only. By buying an event ticket/s the buyer accepts that there is a small chance that this may occur, and therefore realises that we cannot be held responsible for other costs incurred such as travelling or accommodation costs, and will NOT be able to refund such costs.

b.      Changes to line-up or advertised entertainment: Whilst Experience Vintage will always attempt to keep the advertised schedule to what is stated, there may be times when, unfortunately, the advertised entertainers, bands, performers or aspects of the event may be different to those advertised, and by purchasing event tickets consumers are aware of this, therefore (full or partial) refunds will not be offered should this occur. There may be times when the start and end times of events may be subject to change, but guests will be informed of any changes.
c.       By purchasing a ticket to one of our events, you are accepting that Experience Vintate Events and the venue will not be held liable for any damage caused to any costume, accessories, dress or other items of clothing or footwear whilst in attendance at our event. You also accept that any possessions are your responsibility throughout the evening, and neither our company nor the venue will be liable for lost, stolen or damaged items.

d.         If any guest/consumer is found to have caused damage to any of our [including those belonging to the venue and entertainers and including decor] equipment or property, the consumer in question will be responsible for the costs involved to replace or repair the property.

5.      Photography

a.      Photography and video recording may take place on our events and by purchasing a ticket/s to our event/s and agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you are acknowledging your awareness of this and are providing consent for us to take and use these photographs/videos for marketing purposes. The marketing purposes will be limited to use on our website, marketing materials, emails, and social media channels. If you do not wish for any of our photographs or videos which may include you to be used for such purposes please inform us at events@experiencevintage.co.uk or inform a member of our staff on the night of the event, and we will happily ensure that you are not included in such promotional material.

Terms and Conditions created 15 March 2018. 

© 2018 by Experience Vintage Events Ltd

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