Dance, Glamour, and Decadence: Say Hello to the Roaring 20s!

March 15, 2018

With our first event of 2018, a 1920s vintage-themed Speakeasy with jazz & Cocktails in Harrogate announced, we're taking a look at what made the 1920s roar..


Jazz, dance, cocktails, independence, and revolution in social norms and morals… the 1920s really was the original generation of fun, glitz, glamour and ‘celebs’, all to excess, and all in the name of anti-establishmentarianism. The introduction of the more meaningful, and long-overdue, foundations of women’s rights to vote, which culminated in the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 which allowed women over the age of 21 the right to vote, contributed to the breaking down of some of the more restrictive social norms, and encouraged many women (although, unfortunately not all) to enjoy themselves, experience a proper social life and ‘live’ for the first time in their lives (if they could afford to do so!). 


So, what could the roaring 20s offer someone for a night-out of entertainment?


For many of the wealthier and middle classes, those who could readily afford such an exciting new life, the early 1920s saw the injection of fun, glamour and decadence, on a monumental scale. With wartime industrial profits still lining the pockets of many of the wealthier families of Britain, Jazz clubs, dance halls, nightclubs cocktail clubs, and restaurants opened their doors, flourishing as the younger generation flocked to experience the thrills of these new and exciting haunts.


All in the name of fun and making the most of life, perhaps very much with the horrors of war acting as a reminder of the fragility of life, and bringing down many pre-1920 social norms and morals in the process, the jazz and dance scene in the 20s West-End was booming. For a night on the town, a lady would don her most glamorous evening dress, sequinned, beaded and all. Gone were the simple afternoon dresses (for tea or garden parties), in came impressive glitzy, sleeveless cocktail dresses. In contrast to the afternoon dresses, the arms were uncovered, providing the opportunity to add another notch to the glamour levles, with silk shawls or fur draped across the shoulders. The intention was clear, to show that you were well and truly part of this incredible revolution in fashion. All things Ancient Egypt were very much 'in' too, bizzarely thanks to an archaeological discovery, the finding of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922!


But, that's not all. For the first time in decades, black is back 'in', no longer seen as mourning-wear, thanks to Coco Channel's LBD designs in 1926 Vogue, the Little Black Dress is now, highly fashionable!  Once dressed in your beaded finery, you have quite a selection, you may opt to head to the Theatre, the Ballet, or a Ball? Or how about to a nightclub for a cocktail or two, with some amazing jazz music? Or maybe a night of dancing the Charleston or the Tango? 


Then Vs Now....


Whilst we probably assume that we have more options for entertainment and nights-out in 2015 than our predecessors did in 1925, it's worth thinking for a second, do we really? How many venues today can accommodate a fancy night-out, where you can get dressed up, and enjoy something different, but amazing? ...Something like a vintage 1920s evening with jazz and cocktails? The good news is we're bringing our pop-up 20s Speakeasy to Yorkshire! It will be held at a secret location in Harrogate (The location will be revealed to those attending 2 weeks before the event itself) If this could be something which interests you, tickets are available now here!




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